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Via Firewire Driver Windows 7

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Is there any driver update I could use to make things work? How satisfied are you with this response? Will let you know if it works. My fried's Mac or even Linux can handle Firewire smoothly. Now I can't say that it didn't give me alot of aggravation, but I can assure you using the legacy driver is the first step.

For some reason, when I turn my firewire mixer on, my computer blue screens and restarts. So I tried to update, found the Legacy driver info, drivers for ich5r did that. These are general sound effects drivers with common functions.

So I left them all installed. No, that doesn't sound right at all. Hi Dom, Were you able to resolve the issue?

Firewire Compatibility on Windows 7

Now my Firewire does not work. Not a single event entry concerning firewire. You will now be able to import video via the FireWire port on your computer. According to this info firewire was developed by Apple and Texas Instruments back in the day.

Fire IIM VT6308P/S 1394 Host Controller

Go to the directory where you unpacked the utility. Moving up to a seemingly faster computer has made my external hardware unusable. The edge connectors are very close to but will not engage in the socket on the motherboard. Does anyone know if this card in incompatible with my new machine?

Configuration ROM RetrievalFire IIM VT6308P/S 1394 Host Controller

Find out who made your port hardware and contact them for the appropriate driver. This problem is usually with the FireWire port that is built into the motherboard.

Via firewire driver windows 7

The device doesnt even get listed in Movie Maker. Try to use the original cable or one by the same makers of the camera or device you are attaching. Thank you so much, this help me a lot. Still, I have occasional dropouts. Most people report this problem with Dell computer, but it does happen with other brands, even brand new computers.

VIA VT6306 Drivers Download

For example, if the system that is running ohci. Did you find an answer to this?

Firewire Compatibility on Windows 7

Perhaps a System Restore Point will do the job. You can use this tool to change your cookie preferences.


Do you know if this new firewire driver was first introduced with Windows Vista? It should have been fixed in Windows Update before now! Applied all the fixes with legacy drivers yada, yada, yada but still have slow transfer speeds that is when it doesnt completely lock up windows explorer for several minutes. My solution was the cable.

The drive itself works fine but it would be great to be able to install the front panel driver. Changing the driver to Legacy fixed the problem. Still working like a charm with the old driver. Windows should have an update to fix this by now, but they don't seem to care. Still nothing, so i switched off the unibrain drivers and activated the windows drivers and immediatley the system replaced the via drivers in device manager and detected my camera.

This is not the solution I was talking about. Should I rip the firewire driver from my xp version? The new one is as fast as expected from a connection. Until then, I've hung my backup off an older computer as network-attached storage.

VIA VT6306 Drivers Download