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  1. Travel time is around seven minutes.
  2. Good after everyone and welcome to today's live blog.
  3. In vehicles that require manually updating your navigation's map data, the process is simple.
  4. The beautifully shot movie has a beautiful website background to accompany it.
  5. You can make contact by email at news coventrytelegraph.
  6. The video background helps convey the spectacular nature of the hotel's surroundings.

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What is the BMW interactive map

The core message behind the site is that Spotify is available to provide music for every moment.

Why and How To Update Your BMW s Navigation Maps - BimmerTech

You can read the full story here. Traffic was briefly held but all lanes are now back open. It uses a large-size video to show footage of a family enjoying a holiday on one of their yachts as its backgrounfd. In this case showing you, rather than telling you, how the app works is a stroke of genius. London cleaning company Eagleclean incorporates a very brief bit of video into its site to help add some humour.

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RECAP Crash in Nuneaton causing delays - CoventryLive
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A lire galement

But you don't want to spend any longer than you have to behind the wheel caught in unnecessary traffic. These visual flourishes can often work to create a more interesting, immersive and remarkable experience if done properly. So if it's a traffic jam or a train delay, we've got you covered with all the details, llandudno dating as soon as we get them. The Cassette is a French online shoe store that uses background video creatively. Road cleared The crash in Tuttle Hill has now been cleared and traffic is running smoothly again.


And the dire situation is now prompting the authority to look at redefining the definition of affordable housing. Music streaming app Spotify uses background video to help add emotion to their landing page. Travel time is ten minutes.

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Read More Stories you might have missed. This French shoe store showcases a very creative use of background video on its site. There was a time when regular oil changes and a new set of tires once in a while was all the routine maintenance a vehicle needed. Awaiting police details We are still waiting to hear back from Warwickshire Police for details on the collision.

L Amour est dans le pr un agriculteur d crit les coulisses du tournage

Alex Black writes for PrintExpress. Traffic and Travel Six new railway stations in masterplan for Warwickshire Huge changes could be on the way over the next two decades. With the navigation screen open, use the crosshairs icon on the menu to enter interactive mode. Even if you're not one of the rare few in the market for a luxury yacht, you'll still find the Y. You will see the region, blackberry pin map version and year of your current map.

Video Loading Video Unavailable. Business navigation only offers a simpler, bird's-eye view look, which some find less intuitive. The background video, which shows a reasonably choppy sea, dating in russia moscow isn't too distracting and does a good job of setting the mood. If you're out and about and have seen something we should know about please get in touch with us.

Road closed by police The road was closed off by police following the crash which knocked over a traffic light. If you can avoid any jams, you probably want to know how and this guide released by Highways England could help. Police say the driver of the Jeep suffered a wrist injury. House prices in Coventry are increasing at some of the fastest rates in the country, it has been revealed.

All lanes are now open and traffic seems to be coping well - however it is slow through the area due to narrow lanes and speed restrictions. The road was closed off by police following the crash which knocked over a traffic light. According to the Weather Channel, we can expect a partly cloudy but fairly warm day today. Both systems, however, rely on similar underlying map data, meaning we are able to update your road maps whichever system you have in your vehicle.

Indie rock band Arcade Fire have often been known for their quirkiness, and they don't disappoint in this experimental promotional trailer for their Neon Bible album. It's ideal if you don't remember quite where that restaurant is, or want to find somewhere to stop off in an area you don't know well. Dromoland Castle is a prestigious hotel and country estate in Ireland. Pressing the iDrive controller will give you the option of seeing a list of nearby points of interest, and setting any of them as your destination.

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And the even better news is that Aldi is hiring, so you can be part of its growing success. Click to play Tap to play. When the process is finished, you'll be good to go. The most noticeable difference is the map interface itself. An engineer has been called to fix lights.

With so many new points of interest being added with each map version, updating to the latest available map is going to make it more likely you'll find the places you're looking for. With Monday fast approaching, there's a good chance you'll spend some of your time in the car driving to and from work this week. More On Traffic and Travel Google. The background video, a series of clips which demonstrate emotional attachment in different ways, combines well with the accompanying music to generate a sentimental atmosphere around the brand. The system will automatically detect that there is a new map available to install on the iDrive.

To help give you some inspiration, we've collected some of the more creative, quirky and interesting examples of sites that make full use of video backgrounds. The music and the scenes in the video work together perfectly to set an uplifting mood for the site. What will the weather be like today? The two vehicles involved in the collision were a Jeep and a Alfa Romeo. Instead of entering the exact address of your destination, the interactive map lets you point to an area and quickly find nearby points of interest.

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  • Then use the iDrive controller to move the on-screen target to the desired area.
  • It lists all the planned roadworks in the West Midlands for the coming week.
  • News all Most Read Most Recent.
  • If it's more than a year old, it's time to update.

The landing page initially appears with a very small smudge, why am i getting emails which is quickly cleaned away by a gloved hand. Telly is a startup that finds and shares the most popular viral videos. The MyProvence festival site uses background video to show highlights of artists exploring the area.

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