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Dating poison bottles, dating your old bottles

Dating Your Old Bottles

By the midth century, embossed lettering and marking on bottle bodies and bases, denoting manufacturers and products, made more precise dating possible. The dating of the vials was covered in the body of the discussion above. Although there are examples of bottles having mold seams that fit these date ranges properly, the issue of dating bottles is vastly more complicated than the simple reading of side mold seams. This is a fantastic overview on the history of druggist or pharmaceutical containers including poison bottles, shop furniture, and much more. One very popular and long produced style of poison bottles is as pictured to the right.

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As above, click on the image to view a larger and much more readable version with the various features pointed out. This is done to allow the user to get more information or clarification as they proceed through the key. How to Identify Old Bottles. Click side view to see such which has several staggered vertical ribs defining the edge of the side. The main ingredients for making sarsaparilla were the roots from an assortment of plant species of the genus Smilax which are found throughout the world.

How to Date Antique Glass Bottles

The image to the right shows a base view of this bottle and the rounded corners of the style. The homeopathic doctor chooses the proper remedy by following a special rule of nature called the Law of Similars. The body height is about times the height of the neck, varying somewhat with the size of the bottle. As noted by Munsey, many of these type bottles and jars had the labels placed in a recessed indented area of the bottle with a thin covering of glass placed over the label. This company was founded and had offices initially in Philadelphia, then expanded across the country.

How to Date Antique Glass Bottles

The author has also seen Star Bitters labels on Wait's bottles as well as both labels on the immensely period popular Hostetter's Stomach Bitters bottles! This bottle has no air venting in evidence - consistent with its established manufacturing date range - but otherwise exhibits the same features as the Linkville bottle above, i. Bromo-Seltzer, Castoria, syria dating sites and more bottle articles! How to Identify Antique Glass Bottles.

Shop furniture bottles in glass appear to have been used by U. If properly stored, it's a treasure. These features in combination indicate an approximate production range from the s to possibly the early s. The concentric rings are not always as obvious as the picture shows click to enlarge and sometimes not visible, snowmobile electric shield though if present it is a conclusive diagnostic feature.

Coffin shaped poison - Another of the many distinctive shapes used for poison bottles were those that were coffin shaped. When the company closed it's facilities in Santa Rosa in the late s, the bottles were given to a small private local museum that featured historical items about medicine. There is also no neck ring mold seam immediately below the finish like found on most Owens machine produced bottles and on a majority of all machine-made bottles.

Beginning collectors often confuse an Owen's ring with a pontil mark and it is easy to see why this happens. It is common for medicines to have a mixture of naming classes for the same product, e. The taste suggested senna.

  • Does the bottle appear light purple in color?
  • Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle e.
  • Asymmetry is an indication of a hand-blown bottle.

Click early flared finish to view the section of the Finishes page that discusses this type of early finish. As with most of the groupings and categories on this page, there is a high diversity of shapes and sizes used, medical of which only a few are covered here. The third picture shows the base of a milk bottle from just after the trun of the century. These two systems of medicine are very different. It is not pontil scarred though many are.

Before jumping into the key, it must again be emphasized that no single key can get a user to an absolutely precise date for any bottle. Ricardo de Belo Horizonte, Brasil. Many specialty bottles were imported from Europe, though that fact may be at times hard to impossible to ascertain. Shop furniture was produced to some degree until at least the midth century Lucas County Bottle Co.

Tip Keep in mind that older technology often persisted and some bottles date later than you might think. This page is divided somewhat arbitrarily into the categories and sub-categories listed below. Click canning jar to view the typology page section devoted to that category.


Do not estimate a bottle's age by its shape. The middle picture shows an open pontil on the base of a cylindrical medicine bottle. It is also embossed on the base faintly with C. The bottle also has a cup-bottom mold base orientation though it is on the lower part of the heel making it appears somewhat like a post-bottom mold product and has mold air venting marks. When a dating sequence dead ends, it will be noted and other website pages suggested and hyperlinked for the user to consult.

The glass is rough not sharp around the circumference of the Owens ring. The surface is also covered with sharp diamond-shaped points, tastefully arranged. It was used by the same druggist noted above and includes the same trade mark baby's face but is more of generic type bottle likely used for an assortment of Pfunder products. Chemical bottles are a vague category and covered next briefly. According to the early Portland business directories, E.

These bottles will, however, have the vertical side mold seam progressing all the way to the very top of the finish side, just not onto the rim. Unlike most screw caps, the three point screw top had three lugs jutting out from the lip which were to engage a metal cap. Many used both terms in their name e. For an image of the bases of these bottles click base view.

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It is a bottle shape that was relatively commonly used for medicinal as well as other products particularly liquor during this early era. The product was first introduced in as the initial offering from the J. They were a thriving company until the ss when the advent of antibiotics and other more powerful drugs overshadowed and replaced much of homeopathy and other naturopathic forms of medicine. There are some trends however.

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Most shop furniture bottles were made of colorless glass although amber was also popular, most likely for its perceived light protective qualities. Both have capacity graduation markings as well as the volume marking at the base of the neck, i. Also, the format and space constraints of a journal article do not allow for the elaboration and illustrations necessary to make a key function fully Jones b. It is also closely but not totally - there were imitators associated with the products of the H. Is embossed lettering present?

Given the company related information and the noted manufacturing features, this bottle almost certainly dates from the late s or early s. It also could have held any of the products of this company. In fact, dating these bottles are most often only found as fragments. The group of oval druggist bottles is particularly rich with subtle variations some of which grade into the other discussed style shapes. Examples which were most likely produced in the same mold have been observed by the author with blowpipe pontil scars also.

Antique Poison Bottle

The automatic bottle machine was much more precise in gathering an exact amount of glass and the same amount of glass for each bottle this consistency lead to more uniform products. Other information on this website usually must be reviewed to fine tune the information about a specific bottle. Produced during the era where all bottles were an relatively rare and cherished commodity to be discarded only when broken i. Also includes a large listing of the makers markings found on druggist bottles.

  1. These products were also so popular that they were also imitated by many other firms.
  2. The are covered in more depth as examples on the Bottle Finishes page.
  3. Only a relative few geographic areas or areas of collecting interest have received more than cursory historical treatment and the majority of this is due to the efforts of collectors.
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