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Dating ping anser putters, anser putter technology triumphs

Want MyGolfSpy's email newsletter? He was the one who did all the machining for the back cavity of our original irons. Wish I had some money right now. What happens if there are any discrepancies? This bend forced the shaft to line up with the centre of the ball and this forced you to pull the putter through.

When we took trips for family vacations if he saw a golf course on the road he stopped and with him that could be hours. It will end up in my library for reference. Plus if you are pulling it through and you bump something on the sole there is a lot less chance of it twisting. Exceptionally clean, neat lines that are either square or perpendicular to the target line. So many things just went right with this putter.

The Ping Anser is one of the best looking putters on the market that has stood the test of time. So many putters and putter makers have been lost and forgotten forever many rightfully so because it was never documented. Definitely one of the best feeling putters around. Could you send me a copy of the. The aluminium insert is slightly firmer, but still within reason.

The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. The grooves are responsible for this feel because of the depth and spacing. Please send me a copy of your Ping book.

Value of Old PING Putters

Ping Cadence TR 2 Putter (Expert Review)
  1. The patent number seems to be one from the earlier Anser models but I have been unable to figure out what model this exactly is.
  2. He produced the Brakeman Bill show.
  3. Feel is exceptionally consistent and soft, particularly with the stainless steel insert.
  • She went to classes at Arizona State and was really the business side of things doing all the paperwork and billing.
  • So glad he made this and was my first time to PutterTalk site.
  • Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

His favorite story that he always seemed to told after we had had a few was when he interviewed Karstan and after the interview they played a round of golf that my father-in law won. Trade-in Now Schedule Fitting Now. For the collector, ka di these resources are indespensable.

PING Anser 2 Putter Golf Clubs

Ping Golf Putters

Hi, i also would appreciate a copy as i cant download the link. On the Bob Gleason show he would interview people. An older B series, but hard to determine the facts, internet dating don'ts all of the sites have no information on this type of model. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Could you please send me a copy of the Ping Putter Guide?

Ping Anser Milled 4 Putter

Our aim is to help you play better golf! In that process I had to take raw casting to finished putter so I had to grind them and I had to finish them, put in the shaft and put the grip on. Check Prices, Discounts and Related Products.

Solheim s Story Of The Ping Anser Putter

And if you know someone else you think might like the info make sure to send them a link to the Ping Putter Guide. If you ask any golfer to name an iconic piece of equipment it's a safe bet it won't be long before they say the Ping Anser putter. Can you please send me a copy of the Ping Putter Guide? All of the Anser Scottsdale putters were pretty much built by me or by me and a couple of my friends.

Their is only like of these in the world given to friends and family who helped with the memorial. Lumpy is so right to document this history and have it available to everyone. If you are a putter collector you most likely have already heard of the site but if not go check it out. Typical turnaround time is business days. Why are there no values for my used golf clubs?

Leave a reply Cancel reply. Lumpy, The link does not allow to download the Ping Collectors manual. He always wanted to get the shaft ahead of the head so that you are pulling it through. But my mother also worked at Convair and she worked in the wind tunnel doing the calculations for the engineers. Does anyone know if the clubs were the same for men and women?

Any info would be greatly appriciated. Not sure why it is not working anymore. Please have your Order Number ready and reference the tracking number on your shipment to ensure it has been delivered to our facility. It still has the original grip. Feel free to check it out.

Need help selling or trading your clubs? Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid Putter. Could anyone tell me more about this putter. But, it is the exact putter on the cover shown above, and I am trying to figure out exactly what I have. Golf club head covers, tool kits, torque wrenches, or other related accessories should be included whenever possible though are not mandatory.

Anser Putter Technology Triumphs

Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total. That is an awesome collectible to have right there. Highest pricing when you trade or sell. This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable.


Can the pdf be emailed to the above address? The new Cadence range offers two different weight inserts either being aluminium which is the lighter of the two or stainless steel, which is heavier. Poor This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable. It likely you have a Ping Day putter.

Simply chose the payment option that works best for you. Could you please email me a copy? Really excited to see the photo of the Ping Trainer. Does the condition of my used golf clubs affect the value? So besides the performance in getting the ball rolling and being so forgiving it is phenomenal at set up.

Any information would be very helpful. Do I need to include a headcover? Okay, this looks great, and clarifies what I have. Did you ever figure out a price? On the bottom of the head is the following.

The Ultimate Ping Putter Collector s Guide

True Roll technology is what makes the difference in terms of ball speed consistency and accuracy. On the cover of the book above, I have the putter in the lower right corner of the cover, next to the advertisement. Brand New The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. Check out StanGolfHistort.

Ping Cadence TR Anser 2

2nd Swing Golf

Anyone know anything about it? This golf club has been well used, but not abused. Box Golf Putter can anybody tell me whats the worth on it.

Below Average This golf club has been well used, but not abused. Any Midas about this model? Back then we had bends in all of the shafts at the base of the grip. For a while he was President of the Tacoma golf club. Is anyone still moderating this site?

PING Anser 2 Putter Golf Clubs
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