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Dating harmony guitars, harmony guitar (guitarsite)

How do I date my Harmony Guitar
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  • There should be relatively easy to play her mandolin diploma course.
  • It was the concert size, and larger, which had a rosewood fingerboard.
  • It also was a forerunner to the Acoustic Electric guitars that have become quite popular today.
  • There still was a Tenor guitar available.
  • They would ultimately slop glue all over the inside and do other things to reflect the fact that they were mass-produced.

Harmony Guitar

Rental Categories

By they were the largest manufacturer of ukuleles in America. This also is an indication of how the flat top acoustic guitar grew in popularity. Bob Goudreau stainless at gmail dot com Happy picking!

Dating by model number is legible the authorities require my grade certificates for enthusiasts of earlier models, banjos, in late and a second date. It confirmed the dating of some guitars I have, with what I surmised to be their date of production. Rod dating harmony guitar identification by model number is warmly remembered by marcella taylor hoffman will have already covered all the u. Check the tenor family here in the database to see many Harmony made tenor guitars.

Dating Harmony Sovereign Guitars

Sometimes it's difficult to see or read. Especially ones from the pre war period when they were probably making some of their finer instruments. The H and H were grand concert size Stellas that were moderate priced instruments.

Harmony History

Some of the more interesting guitars I've encountered in the last few years are some of these guitars. There is still more to come. Their selection of folk instruments was as diverse as all the different instruments they made. The Monterays came in several different patterns and color schemes. Smaller and simpler seemed to be the direction.

Vintage & Traditional Guitars

Dating Kramer Guitars

Harmony guitars on the lower end, Schmidt guitars had the upper end. Or if you were like most of the youth of America and wanted to buy American, you went out and bought yourself a Harmony H electric guitar. Its very weird and I'm wondering if there was ever any rumors of misprints in the serial numbers. They had the know how, but they just couldn't make the commitment to expand.

Harmony Company models

Do not include any spaces in your answer. Harmony was after all, utroskab dating side one of the most prolific manufactures of musical instruments. These instruments were still mostly sold through big mail order catalogs like Sears Roebuck Silvertone or Montgomery Ward Airline making them easily accessible to everyone.

You can usually tell by the cracks when they dry out. Solid body electrics seem to pop up quite frequently. They sat in people's attics, were sold at Yard sales and ended up in the landfill. There was a whole assortment of configurations of these guitars. This guitar is unusual in that it has no sound hole, just a row of small holes around a banjo type resonator.

Harmony Archtone H1213
Vintage & Traditional Guitars

And after all they still are one of the more affordable American Made Vintage Guitars. The strings were so high off the fret board, that my fingers really did bleed, sometimes. The more I try out other instruments, the better this one gets! They made basses that emulated the Fender style. They lack the craftsmanship and detail of a more expensive Gibson of Guild, but they can be quite fun.

Harmony Guitar (Guitarsite)

Their baritone ukes and tenor guitars still show up as unplayed cast offs from the main stream of instruments. You look at these mass produced guitars and see what was lost with the demise of this company. Some of my unusual stuff consists of older historic guitars. They had price points to appeal to all levels of guitar players.

Harmony History

Guitarist Discussion Forum. Please click below, help me to pay bandwith and documents! However they have their own unique tone and vintage vibe. The Harmony H pumpkin finish and H sunburst, also had six on a side tuners. These are supposedly the manufacture date of the electrical harness or pickguard assembly, by Rowe Industries, but should give a close guess to the year of production of the guitar itself.

It would be a H model made by Harmony in the Chicago facility. These instruments were the same Harmony made instruments except for the label and accounted for almost half of the instruments made. Many of these guitars were Red, but there were also some sunburst models.

This had a Flat top and back, with painted binding and reflected the Stella budget line of guitars. The numbers before might indicate the sequence number. Harmony made more than one half of all the guitars made in this county, more than all the other manufactures together.

My first guitar was a Stella just like that. He has a nice selection of of instruments, so take a look. The Best Loop Pedal Roundup. By it consisted of three basic models. During the last two weeks of June an effort was made to finish as many orders as possible and not start any new orders.

How do I date my Harmony Guitar

The serial number and family. The Harmony H had two goldtone pickups angle mounted. Kay was known for mastering the laminated techniques, Harmony for using only solid wooods. They also bought brand names from the bankrupt Oscar Schmidt Co.

  1. We keep finding some weird and unusual guitars.
  2. After all, Sears owned this Chicago guitar company.
  3. Their guitars got better but it was getting harder to produce an instrument that could compete with the imports that were begging to flood the market.
  4. The F indicated the Fall manufacturing run for the Xmas season.
  5. Maybe they were also trying to copy the Imported Teisco guitars with all the bells and whistles that were coming into the country.

The late s and early s were not good times for U. As I continue to find interesting guitars I take notice to the different instruments I've found. Many Harmonys I've seen incorporate an Hxxx in the serial number.

A Few Stella Guitar Myths and Factoids

Keep this in mind when identifying! The baritone ukulele is sometimes confused with a tenor guitar. Just as they didn't try to rival the craftsmanship of the first generation D'Angelico and D'Aquisto, Harmony served their customers with a more affordable option.

Our Guitars

As I document and research these cheap guitars I am going to find out more and more about them. Likely, these guitars were from German makers. Schultz, a mechanic, came to Chicago and got work at the Knapp Drum Company. Mainly because of the guitar boom during the Beatles generation, there were a large number of guitars sold at this time.

When Sears, Roebuck and Company entered into the picture, they were selling the exact same guitars in their catalog. It not only opened the way for a real flood of overseas imports, but it marked the beginning of the end for American made consumer goods. Many a beginner started with a sunburst Stella by Harmony. The H Sovereign Deluxe Jumbo model was the fancier guitar they offered. As more of today's contemporary collectors are finding out, these can be fun guitars to own and collect.

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