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Amd Radeon Drivers 12.3

Anthem may experience a white screen or corruption while playing or launching the game. It also relaxes the requirement for the bound memory to be contiguous and for the memory bindings to be immutable. The issue is the driver, not the installation. Known Issues Some systems running multiple displays may experience mouse lag when at least one display is enabled but powered off.

Radeon Settings may experience an application crash when Upgrade Advisor is refreshed by the user multiple times. Upgrade Advisor may fail to show up in Radeon Settings. Upgrade Advisor may not appear in Radeon Settings game manager. Senua's Sacrifice may experience flickering or corruption on some Radeon graphics products. Radeon Settings may experience a crash if the user changes tabs quickly with a very large game list.

But fan problem is some kind of a deal breaker. So hopefully this will get fixed soon. Trimming videos may fail to create a thumbnail if the video contains non-English characters. At least a roll back isn't hard to do. When combined with validation layers, more detailed feedback on the application's use of Vulkan can be further obtained.

Amd radeon drivers 12.3

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AMD Radeon Setting Will Not Open

Some zombie textures may fail to render in horde mode for Arizona Sunshine. They are likely going on a holiday break though so not sure if we'll see another driver until Jan.

The is a beast of card for mid range. The New Colossus may experience corruption when viewing lava or water. Game profiles with custom fan settings may sometimes remain even after closing a game.

The amount of people effected by this is very small. The New Colossus may experience an application crash when disabling Asynchronous Compute via game settings. World of Tanks may experience minor corruption on ground textures. No referral links, including Amazon!

You can fix that by turning off freesync but that's not a solution i feel comfortable with. That obviously isn't the case.

Targeted optimization of memory bound applications with new memory tuning feature. Not sure just saw it in the known issue. Now the fan will keep spinning if I change anything in Wattman. This is the new Adrenalin driver offer new features and options.

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That shouldn't happen no matter what bug the game has! The December driver obviously is an incremental driver update just as we have seen on roughly a monthly release schedule with lots of zero-day driver releases when games are released.

Mouse lag or system slowdown is observed for extended periods of time with two or more displays connected and one display switched off. Product links are fine, affiliate or referral links that benefit you are not.

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Latest Drivers & Tech Support

Download AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin

So if I update the drivers without messing with the fan settings it won't affect my Afterburner curve? The general rule is to only update drivers when it's necessary, asus b202 driver or you're on really old drivers. Either will be better than the driverset. Drivers are much more mature than when i left amd cards. Problem started as soon as I rebooted after installing new drivers with ddu and opened radeon wattman.

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