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The Asus and the Pavilion operate in a very similar manner. We still like the look of the notebook, and we appreciate the accurate touchscreen and surprisingly good speakers. The main drawback is the display, which is not very bright and has a rather limited viewing angles stability.

Each of the two speaker cutouts on the bottom front of the notebook features two drivers, providing a rich and dynamic sound. The integrated mouse buttons feature short travel and clear feedback. The display also suffers from a distinctly bluish hue. We can't complain about the input devices, as they are actually very good and quite usable. The Elan touchpad is generously-sized and features a comfortable, smooth surface.

The back of the lid sports a simulated brushed appearance. Subsequent runs confirmed this limitation.

Both competing notebooks remained slightly cooler than the Aspire during the stress test. The Aspire comes equipped with a dual-core Intel Core iU. The Aspire during the stress test. The Aspire excels as far as run time is concerned.

Download Acer Aspire VPG BIOS for Windows 8 64 bit

But was it worth the trouble? As expected, the fan spools up under load and the notebook gets noisier. Admiral laptops Advance laptops Advent laptops Aquarius laptops. The touchscreen can be used as an alternate method of control as well. Backlighting is always a nice touch.

Acer aspire v5 572pg drivers

How compelling is the overall package? Touchpad The Elan touchpad is generously-sized and features a comfortable, smooth surface. The system fortunately feels quick enough at most times. Both notebooks come without a maintenance cover, so accessing the hardware requires removal of the upper part of the base unit.

We subject every system to a stress test at Notebookcheck to assess its ability to handle heavy load without throttling. In addition to offering plenty of power, the notebook scores with its very long battery life. The touchpad is generally good.

An allrounder notebook with a long battery life is not something we get to see that often. But does it balance out to a good option in light of the changes? The transfer rates are typical for hard drives with the same rotational speed. In short, this notebook is nothing special. For the original German review, see here.

Acer Aspire V5-572pg Driver Details

Otherwise, the glare-type display is simply too reflective. Performance is more than adequate and gaming is possible as well. Meanwhile, however, we were less than enthralled by its poor display, comparatively cumbersome size, and lackadaisical keyboard.

Acer Aspire VPGG50arr - S/N Lookup

The only unfortunate side note is that, since idle temperatures are notably higher than usual, the notebook is really never all that comfortable on the lap. Our synthetic benchmarks confirm this, with scores an order of magnitude higher than that of comparable integrated graphics. Metal lines the lid and palm rest. The screen is highly reflective. Maximum Battery Life Readers Test.

But what if you were more interested in gaming performance and less concerned about battery life? The construction is solid and the base unit doesn't give much when pressure is applied, although we noticed some flexing next to the keyboard. It supports point multitouch and did a fine job of handling all ten fingers simultaneously, as well as interpreting gestures of all kinds. Test model courtesy of notebooksbilliger.

The case is a blend of plastic and metal. Narrowing things down to the V subseries, there are still nine different configurations left to choose from. Son of Rome require lowering the resolution as well as the settings to ensure playable frame rates.

This means that the notebook is really only uncomfortable if resting on the lap under these conditions. The hinges allow a bit too much wobble. Color analysis pre-calibration.

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Interestingly, this cable is apparently not yet available for purchase. The resulting score of reassures us that there is nothing to worry about. Fortunately, some tinkering with the driver settings can reduce the incidence of this occurring. The speakers perform especially well when the notebook is resting on a hard surface.

Working outside is only possible if the notebook is not used in overly bright conditions. Battery Runtime - WiFi sort by value.

During our time with the Acer, the notebook worked smoothly and we didn't run into any problems. The Aspire doesn't disappoint, acer 7736z drivers for mac either.

Gaming Haswell Laptop Windows. Grayscale analysis pre-calibration. The key travel is typical for this type of notebook.

Acer Aspire VPGG50arr - S/N Lookup

The fan runs at slow speed during idle and is only audible in very quiet environments. The oddly-placed power button. Memory operations per second.